When you’ve been in business for over 60 years you can’t help but come across some great patrons along the way! Their stories range from local neighbors to foreign visitors and each one captures what we’re all about here at Bomb Bomb… Great food, great people and great memories!

Congrats to Cathy and Anthony on their recent engagement… glad we could set the mood!! To many happy and healthy years!

This one comes from across the pond…

My name is Matthew Lugg and I had the pleasure of visiting Bomb Bomb’s last July, 2012.

I am a Police Officer in the UK and live in a place called Maidenhead which is in the Royal County of Berkshire, England. This is about 25 miles west of London. Last year I took some time off work and did some travelling across the USA.

Whilst stopping in Philadelphia I was in Washington Square where I began chatting to an elderly gentleman by the name of Jospeh Vendetti. During our conversation he recommended your restaurant as somewhere to eat, stating that he and his sister ate there every week and have done for many a year. Although a little out of my way from where I was staying in central Philly, I figured I would take a chance and took a taxi to Bomb Bomb’s later that evening.

I was greeted to by Joe the barman and was served by a lovely lady by the name, if memory serves me correctly, Janice. The menu was fantastic but I eventually chose the ribs and I can honestly say that it was the best meal that I ate during my time in the states and that is some accolade considering how many times I ate out on that holiday! Your staff were extremely welcoming, friendly and polite and I spent the rest of the evening chatting with some of the locals at the bar who again were equally hospitable.

I had a great time that evening and have often told all my friend’s and family and colleagues in the UK about my time in Philadelphia, which was made all the better by my chance visit to your restaurant.

Please pass on my warmest regards to all of your staff and regular customers. I will be sure to visit again next time I am in Philadelphia.

Warmest regards


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